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In the event industry, one standout resource leader for all things event planning and production is BizBash.

“BizBash publishes magazines and e-newsletters, hosts websites and produces tradeshows and award shows for corporate event and meeting professionals, event marketers, and sales, public relations, fund-raising, and human reseource executives. BizBash is commited to assisting their readers and show attendees uncover ideas, gather resources, find inspiration, enhance their careers, and most importantly, create effective meetings, events, promotions, and other face-to-face opportunities.” –

This is indeed a “go to” website for industry trends, news, event coverage, design, decor and inspiration. It truly is a great resource for event and design professionals. I, myself, often reference the website when in the planning stages of an event. It has also assisted me in staying current in my industry.

As part of their marketing initiatives, BizBash maintains an active Facebook page. There are 5,810 “like this” on their page and 137 fans are “talking about it.” BizBash also posts multiple times a day almost every day. Their posts often engage followers by encouraging them to “like” a post or comment.

BizBash has a Twitter account where they tweet on a regular basis. There are 8,517 BizBash followers, 6,316 tweets and BizBash is following 16 others, whom are predominantly event professionals.

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Social Media Simplifies Event Planning

In the event industry, social media has simplified ways in which event planners interact with their target audience. It is now much easier to promote your event and reach a broader audience through social media platforms. It allows planners to connect, share photos and create a buzz for the event that they are producing. It also increases word of mouth marketing by having friends suggest the event to others. For example, Coachella has done a great job using Facebook to promote their upcoming festival. They share photos of past events, videos of artists on the festival line up, important concert information, festival countdown and much more.

Social media is also a great way to gain feedback from your target audience. Whether it be positive or negative, consumer feedback is key to improving your marketing strategy and future events.

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Where to Start?

Top 10 things to consider when starting to plan an event:

1. What is the budget for the event?

This is fundamental in determining the planning of the event (i.e. the suppliers to use, the venue, subcontractors, decor, lighting, F&B, etc.)

2.What would you like the participants to gain from the event? What is the purpose?

This will assist in organizing all elements and will keep the projected material top of mind.

3. Who will be attending the event? Who is the target audience?

This will allow you to define the demographic information and the diversities of the event attendees.

4. What is the date of this event?

This will assist in the planning process. Making sure it ties in with the season in which the event is being held. (i.e. If it is near the holiday season, using special décor or keeping weather in mind when planning an activity outdoors).

5.Will there be any sponsorship?

This will, of course, affect the budget and the floor plan layout of the event (I.e. if the sponsor wishes to display a banner, hand out collateral, invite special guests?)

6. What type of catering would you like at the event? Are there known vegetarians? If so, how many?

This allows you to tend to special requirements and needs that could affect the event and your guest’s enjoyment.

7. Will there be speeches and/or presentations at the event?

This allows you  to schedule time for any speeches and/or presentations as well as source the appropriate equipment (i.e. Podium, podium mic, wireless, handheld mic, projection and display equipment).

 8. Who are the key members that make the final decisions? Who are the key stakeholders?

This will allow you to arrange some one on one time, if possible, with these key players to get to know their specific goals, needs and objectives. Having a clear direction from the outset will assist in the planning process keeping the identified objectives in mind. As well as have specific contacts when needing to discuss certain elements and make important decisions.

9. Would you like a type of entertainment to be a part of the event?

This information will allow you to understand the goal and purpose of the client with regards to using entertainment. It will define if the entertainment should be informative or for pure enjoyment. It will provide insight as to the musical variety and whether they would like interactive entertainment. This will also affect the size of the event space, seating arrangements, and room layout.

10. What timeline/schedule would you like the event to go?

This will play an important part in scheduling all elements of the event, making sure that everything is on time and on schedule.


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Illuminate Yaletown 2012

Vancouver streets light up!

For decades downtown Vancouver’s rainy winter days were void of outdoor events that celebrated the season. Cooler climates in the east hold their ice sculpting, skating or maple syrup congregations. While Vancouverites failed to find a reason for an outdoor public gathering. Until now….In Vancouver’s Yaletown neighborhood, talented artists display larger than life sized art installations that light up the grey sky.

But how do Vancouverites find out about this event as it returns for it’s second year? Online communication is the new word of mouth. Check out this article from digg that gives a great overview of this exciting event including a video promotion.

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A Rose By Any Other Name

“What is my social media personality?”

To sum up a personality with a few key words is a challenge since personality is complex. Am I cute, cool, crazy ,caring? Active, gregarious, glamorous? Snobby, silly, serious, sane? The more I searched for a key word to describe myself the more challenging it became to choose one that really described me. Then, I came to realize that as my personality was all encompassing so should my social media personality be one that does not limit but unites. Therefore, I describe my social media personality as the all-rounder. The all-rounder finds herself writing opinions and sharing information about events near and far and anything else that may be on her mind in a positive way. I chose this persona since it does not limit the possibilities for topics and network opportunities advanced by my blog.

An example of a social media campaign that also embodies the personality of the all rounder can be seen on

This blog is an all rounder due to the fact that they post on various topics from sports to philanthropy.

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Coachella 2012 – Amazing Line Up!

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Can you see through me?

In the age of photoshop, neuroscience and marketing budgets larger than small countries GDPs it is now easier than ever to create desirable images that keep consumers consuming. The rise of the internet and social media is yet another medium for marketers to reach people and convey their message. This platform and the internet in general is a new territory with unlimited rules behind what can and cannot be shared. It leads many to ask the question “What is transparency when applied to the social media?” There are many definitions of transparency, to me, transparency at its basis means that the story being told is as close as possible to the truth (pop-up adds excluded).

At first it may seem that the internet is a place where people are easily fooled. For example, Larry meets Sally in a chatroom but Sally is really Franky, etc. etc. While it is true that the internet is a new set of smoke and mirrors, we cannot make the assumption that internet users don’t have a mind of their own. People today are quite used to taking things with a grain of salt and we are all quite accustomed to treading carefully through the net in order to avoid spam mail, dead links and winning fake prizes. In the future, I feel that successful companies will use social media to connect to their clients as people, almost as a way to speak one on one without all the glitz and fluff that goes along with traditional marketing strategies. Furthermore, social media is way to share authentic company details that contribute to its transparency.

The link below offers good insight on social media in an article titled “10 truths about social media…” and some interesting points on transparency.

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