Can you see through me?

In the age of photoshop, neuroscience and marketing budgets larger than small countries GDPs it is now easier than ever to create desirable images that keep consumers consuming. The rise of the internet and social media is yet another medium for marketers to reach people and convey their message. This platform and the internet in general is a new territory with unlimited rules behind what can and cannot be shared. It leads many to ask the question “What is transparency when applied to the social media?” There are many definitions of transparency, to me, transparency at its basis means that the story being told is as close as possible to the truth (pop-up adds excluded).

At first it may seem that the internet is a place where people are easily fooled. For example, Larry meets Sally in a chatroom but Sally is really Franky, etc. etc. While it is true that the internet is a new set of smoke and mirrors, we cannot make the assumption that internet users don’t have a mind of their own. People today are quite used to taking things with a grain of salt and we are all quite accustomed to treading carefully through the net in order to avoid spam mail, dead links and winning fake prizes. In the future, I feel that successful companies will use social media to connect to their clients as people, almost as a way to speak one on one without all the glitz and fluff that goes along with traditional marketing strategies. Furthermore, social media is way to share authentic company details that contribute to its transparency.

The link below offers good insight on social media in an article titled “10 truths about social media…” and some interesting points on transparency.

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