Where to Start?

Top 10 things to consider when starting to plan an event:

1. What is the budget for the event?

This is fundamental in determining the planning of the event (i.e. the suppliers to use, the venue, subcontractors, decor, lighting, F&B, etc.)

2.What would you like the participants to gain from the event? What is the purpose?

This will assist in organizing all elements and will keep the projected material top of mind.

3. Who will be attending the event? Who is the target audience?

This will allow you to define the demographic information and the diversities of the event attendees.

4. What is the date of this event?

This will assist in the planning process. Making sure it ties in with the season in which the event is being held. (i.e. If it is near the holiday season, using special décor or keeping weather in mind when planning an activity outdoors).

5.Will there be any sponsorship?

This will, of course, affect the budget and the floor plan layout of the event (I.e. if the sponsor wishes to display a banner, hand out collateral, invite special guests?)

6. What type of catering would you like at the event? Are there known vegetarians? If so, how many?

This allows you to tend to special requirements and needs that could affect the event and your guest’s enjoyment.

7. Will there be speeches and/or presentations at the event?

This allows you  to schedule time for any speeches and/or presentations as well as source the appropriate equipment (i.e. Podium, podium mic, wireless, handheld mic, projection and display equipment).

 8. Who are the key members that make the final decisions? Who are the key stakeholders?

This will allow you to arrange some one on one time, if possible, with these key players to get to know their specific goals, needs and objectives. Having a clear direction from the outset will assist in the planning process keeping the identified objectives in mind. As well as have specific contacts when needing to discuss certain elements and make important decisions.

9. Would you like a type of entertainment to be a part of the event?

This information will allow you to understand the goal and purpose of the client with regards to using entertainment. It will define if the entertainment should be informative or for pure enjoyment. It will provide insight as to the musical variety and whether they would like interactive entertainment. This will also affect the size of the event space, seating arrangements, and room layout.

10. What timeline/schedule would you like the event to go?

This will play an important part in scheduling all elements of the event, making sure that everything is on time and on schedule.


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One Response to Where to Start?

  1. Melissa says:

    Really interesting Top 10 list. A lot of it I can actually relate to as the main event planner for the company.

    One of the most frustrating things, I find, is not having a set budget to start off with, and many people don’t take that into consideration when they ask me to do an event for them. Having a budget to start is much more efficient than to ask for an event plan, only to go back and cut out a lot of things because the budget isn’t there in the first place!

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