Social Media Measurement

In the event industry, one standout resource leader for all things event planning and production is BizBash.

“BizBash publishes magazines and e-newsletters, hosts websites and produces tradeshows and award shows for corporate event and meeting professionals, event marketers, and sales, public relations, fund-raising, and human reseource executives. BizBash is commited to assisting their readers and show attendees uncover ideas, gather resources, find inspiration, enhance their careers, and most importantly, create effective meetings, events, promotions, and other face-to-face opportunities.” –

This is indeed a “go to” website for industry trends, news, event coverage, design, decor and inspiration. It truly is a great resource for event and design professionals. I, myself, often reference the website when in the planning stages of an event. It has also assisted me in staying current in my industry.

As part of their marketing initiatives, BizBash maintains an active Facebook page. There are 5,810 “like this” on their page and 137 fans are “talking about it.” BizBash also posts multiple times a day almost every day. Their posts often engage followers by encouraging them to “like” a post or comment.

BizBash has a Twitter account where they tweet on a regular basis. There are 8,517 BizBash followers, 6,316 tweets and BizBash is following 16 others, whom are predominantly event professionals.

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