A Rose By Any Other Name

“What is my social media personality?”

To sum up a personality with a few key words is a challenge since personality is complex. Am I cute, cool, crazy ,caring? Active, gregarious, glamorous? Snobby, silly, serious, sane? The more I searched for a key word to describe myself the more challenging it became to choose one that really described me. Then, I came to realize that as my personality was all encompassing so should my social media personality be one that does not limit but unites. Therefore, I describe my social media personality as the all-rounder. The all-rounder finds herself writing opinions and sharing information about events near and far and anything else that may be on her mind in a positive way. I chose this persona since it does not limit the possibilities for topics and network opportunities advanced by my blog.

An example of a social media campaign that also embodies the personality of the all rounder can be seen on blog.adidas-group.com


This blog is an all rounder due to the fact that they post on various topics from sports to philanthropy.

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